We take the security of your personal information very serious. This Privacy Policy has been created so that you can better understand the information that is collected and how its stored.

We only collect your personal information to better serve you and to help us run a more efficient business. While you browse our website you will be providing us with information that in no way will reveal your personal identity. The data that is collected is only used to determine what is being viewed and ordered so we may better understand the needs and wants of each and every customer.

While you are on the site you may want to fill our a newsletter request form. With that you will be asked to give your email address and it will be used to send you promotions and sales, along with our newsletter. Your email will not be given to another company, it will only be used by us and only us.

Your information will be stored both digitally and physical form. In order to keep your Personal Information safe, it is stored on a secure database and access to that information is limited and highly guarded.

It is also important to realize that there is always a risk associated with disclosing any personal information. One example is email communication, it is not guaranteed to be secure and will always be a risk. Please be aware of this risk when sending information via email or when requesting email. We recommend that when using email you do not disclose any personal information ( for example, credit card information). For your protection, our email responses will not include any confidential information.

Finally, we cannot and do not warrant the operation of the reservation website and/or matters relating to its security as it is not our site nor does it, to the maximum extent permitted by law, warrant or guarantee privacy. To be prudent, please be sure to always close your browsers when you are done using the reservation site. Although the session will terminate after a short period of inactivity, it is best to close your browsers immediately upon completion as it can be easier for someone to attempt to get access to your profile and Personal Information while you are logged on.

Privacy Inquiries please contact us! (251) 661-0369