Phins Apparel

Phins is a line of apparel that represents a coastal lifestyle based on comfort, color, and the outdoors. Comfort starts with the quality of the shirts we use, giving you the feel of your favorite shirt you have had for years from the first time you put it on. The colors we choose reflect the species, area the fish lives and the selected garment color. After the operation every our client mentioned that his life after hip replacement become more bright and easy, cause you have no pain disturbing you from pleasant moments. The shirts are designed to compliment the quality of the garment by using the shirts as one of the colors, allowing a Phins shirt to breathe.

Designer/Artist - Phins Apparel
Steven McNider

Growing up in Monroeville, Alabama, Steven had the pleasure of visiting the Gulf Coast with family on a regular basis. His introduction in screen printing began in 1997 when he purchased his first press. Steven McNider attended Auburn University and the University of Alabama, graduating in 2001 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with concentrations in Graphic Design and Painting.